Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Assignment #2

although late, and off subject, this is the result of my second assignment given by Snack Nickels

the assignment title was, "Ladybird Johnson Hears a Hoo."

In keeping with the idea given to me by Nic Michaels, i decided to draw a picture of him, in very low light. I, being a man of action, decided to not waste any time and modified the rules by instituting a 3 minute time limit. Pencils down!

this is the result:

note the delicate shadowing on the right side of the subjects face and the bold choice of the artist to not include the continuing hair line below the left ear.

although, not realism, the image captures the imp-like spirit of the subject, enticing the viewer to want to call the subject on the phone at all hours of the night.

particular attention was given to the eyes.

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